Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

Posted March 19, 2017 by Katrina @ Bookish Things in Challenge / 2 Comments

Guys, I’m super excited to be hosting another Mini Challenge.  This time around I’m going to show y’all some of the WordPress plugins I use for my blogging.  They make book blogging a million times easier. And, let’s face it, we could all use a few tools to make our job easier.

Easy Content Templates

This is probably one of my favorite plugins.  There are certain memes and challenges posts I create weekly and monthly.  This makes it a ton easier.  You can set up the post exactly how you want it to appear.  When you’re ready to use it, you add a new post like you normally would, and then select the template you’d like to use from the drop down menu.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin works in the back end. It helps to minimize the amount of space that images use. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have tons of book covers on here and this plugin helps with making them smaller without taking away the quality.

NG Scroll Box

This little gem of a plugin, created by Ashley at NoseGraze, helps with those excerpts we need to post. Just put your text in this box and it will show up with a scrolling area so that your posts aren’t super long. The box will appear in your toolbar options.

Optin Forms

This plugin allows you to create those adorable little email sign up boxes.  Within the plugin, you can determine where you want the optin box to show up, and you can change the colors and style of the box.

Shortcodes Ultimate

If you are anything like me, the thought of making short codes from scratch breaks you out in hives, and gives you serious anxiety.  I love that there are so many free options available for this plug in.  You can customize the settings for each one to match your blog or post.  I used pink hearts on my list posts, and I use this plugin to do it.

Shortcodes Ultimate: Maker addon

There’s also a paid add on option for Shortcodes Ultimate.  It makes creating your own short code much easier.  You basically plug in information and you’ll see them at the bottom of the menu shown above.

Ultimate Book Blogger

I absolutely love this plugin. It makes setting up reviews a million times easier.  You just plug in the isbn, and it will pull all the book info for you from Goodreads.  There are also a ton of add on options that I’ll cover below.

UBB Reading Challenges Add-On

This add on lets you keep up with your reading challenges with ease.  After you set up the challenge, you can select the ones a certain book goes with, and it will auto-magically update your challenge list and percentage.

UBB Review Requests Add-On

The Review Request add on makes getting and sorting through review requests a breeze.  Authors just fill out the form, and you get an email when the request comes in.  You can accept or deny the request within the plugin.  You can even copy the information over to a new post draft so that it’s ready to go for your review.

UBB Review to Goodreads Add-On

Do you forget to crosspost your reviews to Goodreads? This plugin makes it possible with just a click of a finger.  You can choose whether to post your review as soon as the post done, or you can schedule it to post when your blog post goes live.  Easy peasy.  And that’s one less place I have to remember to cross-post my reviews.

What are some of your favorite plugins that make book blogging easier for you? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? Let me know in the comments.


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2 responses to “Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: WordPress Plugins for Book Bloggers

  1. Thank you for sharing these plugins with us. I am definitely going to give the Easy Content Templates and the Shortcodes one a try. I have the Book plugin too and find it to be quite helpful. I was warned by my host to be careful with the image optimization plugin because he has seen it crash some sites. I’m using an optimization system on my computer first NOW. (I just started it after finding out how slow my images was making my site.)

    It’s great to be doing the Bloggiesta event with you again this time. 🙂

    • Luckily I haven’t had the site crashing issue. But I do plan on starting to do it before I upload soon. Seriously, though, the template plugin is a life saver. It’s how I do all the memes I participate in and challenge posts.

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