#BookBlogWriMo 2015 Catch Up Days

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I love participating in this.  It was so much fun last year, and I’m looking forward to it this month.  You can find ou more information at Livre It To Me.  Since it started a little late, I’m posting the first 9 days in this post.  Happy reading, and hope y’all join in!

1 – History Of Your Blog*/What Has Changed Since Last Year Since BookBlogWriMo 2014

Bookish Things has been around for almost 4 years! That’s just crazy pants to me.  But I do love it! Not much has changed since last year, but I’ve gotten a lot busier.

2 – The Blogger Behind the Blog – Who Are You & Why Are You Blogging?

I’m Katrina, and initially this blog started out as a way to talk about books I had read, and not bore The Hubs to tears.  But I definitely love the social aspect of it.  I’ve made so many new friends, and joined a ton of new groups that share my passion for reading.  Now I blog about books and anything else that interests me.  Books are still the main topic.

3 – What Do You Read?

I read pretty much anything.  It’s hit or miss with Middle Grade books.  Lately, I’ve been devouring New Adult and Contemporary Romance.  It’s so easy to fall in love with a love story.  Even when those characters make you want to beat them senseless until they see what they are missing.

4 – Why Do You Read?

For me, it’s an escape.  Between work and family life, it’s the one thing that is mine.  If I’ve had a rough day, or week, I can sit down and read.  That tends to make the day much better.

5 – #ThrowBackThursday – What books do you remember most from childhood?

The most memorable one is Little House in the Big Woods.  It was the first big book I read as a child.  It was also one I read many times.  I think the cover even started falling off.  Others are The Babysitters Club, Goosebumps, and Hank the Cowdog.  I used to read the Hank ones to my brother.

6 – Most Memorable Book Quotes

“After all this time?” “Always” This may be my favorite quote in the history of time.  I even have Always tattooed on my arm.  I also have “Be Brave” tattooed on my arm.  One reminds me of the power of love. And the other to not give up. Even if the situation is terrifying, I can do it.

7 – Favorite Things To Read About | Least Favorite

Favorite is second chance lovers.  Mostly because that’s what happened with The Hubs.  I like cheering those couples on.  Least favorite would be middle grade.  Only because it’s hard for me to get in that frame of mind.  The only exception is Harry Potter, and I think that series is ageless.

8 – #SuperSunday – What Makes A Book Blog Work?

Well, books, obviously. But I also think you have to reach out and make connections.  Getting involved in other groups, and talking to other readers and bloggers definitely makes having a book blog easier.

9 – #MotivationMonday – How do you make sure you post to your blog?

I’m a planner to the extreme.  Seriously, I have my calendar go out at least a month.  I’m always on my blog in some way.  I also keep to do lists and a planner.  It helps to keep everything on track.  As soon as I finish a post it gets highlighted.  If I haven’t written the post yet it sits there on my planner without any pretty colors covering it.  It may sound silly, but it really helps!

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2 responses to “#BookBlogWriMo 2015 Catch Up Days

  1. Hello! Thank you for taking part in BookBlogWriMo 2015! I’m excited to be hosting this year. 🙂 It looks like we have a lot in common, between our favorite book quotes (“Always”) and how we stay motivated to post. I look forward to reading the rest of your BBWM posts. 🙂
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