Review: The Phoenix Shadow by M.H. Soars

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Review: The Phoenix Shadow by M.H. SoarsThe Phoenix Shadow by M.H. Soars
Series: Arcadian Wars
on July 28th 2015
Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Format: eARC
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When the walls of lies begin closing in, who do you trust?There is nothing worse than failure, especially one that results in your school being attacked by a ruthless enemy. Still reeling from the aftermath of the previous night, Sam and her cousins must deal with another crisis: Alexia has run away. To top it off, there are new players in town. The young Arcadians will be forced to work closely with the prestigious Nox Elite. But they will soon find out that nursing a bruised ego is nothing compared to fighting a faceless enemy, battling personal demons, and dealing with revelations that will forever change their lives.*Note from the author: Due to strong language and mature content this book is recommended to readers 17+. This is a Paranormal Romance novel


So many questions from The Prophecy of Arcadia are answered in this book.  And holy cow, they are definitely some revelations.  Soars managed to drop some doozies on us.

The Phoenix Shadow kept me on my toes.  I didn’t know what to expect around the next corner.  The characters have so much more going on than you can imagine.  There is also quite a bit of action.  The Prodigies are always having to be on the lookout for a Myserian attack.  You can never tell where the real threat lies, and some of those that the Myserians have possessed is downright freaky.  There’s one in particular that will give you the creeps.

I’m happy we still got the same narrative from the previous book.  Being inside the heads of Samantha, Matthew and Alexia helps you get an all-around picture.  They are each struggling with every new bit of information they receive.  Sometimes they take it in stride, but other times they lash out.  And I don’t blame them at all.

I can’t go much into the plot or certain events that happen because they would be huge spoilers, and I think you should experience each new bit of information with fresh eyes.  And that ending….. I can’t wait for the next installment.  Because… wow!

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