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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: Fragile Destiny by Suzanne Lazear *Guest Post & Review*Fragile Destiny by Suzanne Lazear
Series: The Aether Chronicles
Published by Flux on 8/8/2014
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fairytale, Historical, Love & Romance, Romance, Steampunk, Young Adult
Pages: 432
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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Also in this series: Innocent Darkness, Charmed Vengeance
Also by this author: Innocent Darkness, Charmed Vengeance

Noli and her true love V fear the worst if the Staff of Eris—a potent Otherworld relic—falls into the wrong hands. Broken into pieces and hidden in the mortal realm long ago, the staff bestows vast powers on whoever possesses it. Ciarán, the dark king, is trying to rebuild the staff, intending to use it to install a new queen.

In a desperate effort to keep the Otherworld from falling into darkness, Noli and V plot the daring theft of a jewel Ciarán needs to complete the staff. But Ciarán is not so easily defeated. Through his devious machinations, he has set a plan in motion for a final showdown that will decide who rules the Otherworld once and for all.


I absolutely love all of these characters.  We learn more about them with each book.

We are thrown into another adventure as Noli and V try to find the remaining pieces of the staff.  V has to overcome a lot of insecurities in this book.  He struggles to be okay with the things that come to pass, and it’s understandable but very frustrating.  Noli fights to make V realize that she isn’t going to break. She’s capable of taking care of herself.  We see more of Kevighn’s character in this book.  We learn quite a few things, and begin to see why he is so mad.

There are so many twists and turns in this installment.  Some I could predict, but others, I was like “did that just happen???”  There is a lot of sleuthing in this novel, and I love that Noli helps put these plans into action.  We also get to see Jeff and Vix some, and that is freaking awesome.  Jeff is ridiculously protective of Noli, but so is Vix.  I want to be like her when I grow up. She’s strong, determined, and loyal to those she cares about.

I can’t wait for the next book. I need to know how everything is going to play out.  There’s so much that happens in this book, and I need answers! 😀



Guest Post

Thank you so much for having me on today. I am so excited. FRAGILE DESTINY, Book 3 in the Aether Chronicles, releases TODAY.

The Aether Chronicles is a combination of fairytales, steampunk, and faeries. Through the series we follow Noli, V, James, and Kevighn as the mortal realm and the Otherworld (Faerie), collide.

This series is really been fun for me to write, since it combines the three things I love. It’s a little different than a straight up Steampunk, since there’s magic and kissing, but there’s still lots of steampunk and technology (especially book 2, CHARMED VENGEANCE), which mostly takes place on an airship.

The books divide themselves between an alternate version of 1901 America (complete with airships and flying cars) and the Otherworld. The mortal realm is very steampunky, while the Otherworld isn’t, so the steampunkatude varies depending on what the characters are doing.

FRAGILE DESTINY is book 3 (and hopefully not the last, after all, they still have something they need to do), and like book 1 divides it’s time between the realms. There’s a lot to love about writing this story.

There’s explosions, kissing, cake. Scenes we’ve been waiting three books for. Some characters get what they want. Others get what they need. Some find what they wanted and got isn’t what they need. One gets what they never wanted. It’s so fun to follow them and see where they take me.

And yes, Vix and Jeff return. There may be a bridal shower. And a wedding. Maybe a bachelor party.

In many ways writing this series is an adventure. While I do know many things about the story, there are still many surprises, which is one of my favorite things as a writer. For example, I’d been writing Ciarán, the dark king, for years before I realized some very important things about him. (Which is a book 3 spoiler, so I won’t tell you.)

Ciarán is a very complex character, though we don’t see much of him. Originally he was in book 1 as well and we ended up taking him out, so he’s not introduced until book 2. He’s the dark king, and has done some bad things. However, he’s not necessarily a bad man. It could be his nature—or the fact that he is Tiana’s foil, her opposite. She has her elaborate palace. He has his pub. Tiana’s a little cray-cray. He’s quite rational. Tiana became queen because of her heritage. He had to take the dark court. The list could go on and on…

Sometimes I wonder what a conversation with him would look like…however he’s not very forth coming.

Like here, in a scene between him and Noli that was cut from book 3.


“You are not here to listen to stories.” His expression remained stern and he didn’t offer her a seat.

“No. All I wanted to do was pass on to you that Aodhan misses you. And…” She took a deep breath. “I was serious that we need to work together.”

“As was I. Give me your hand,” he demanded.

“What?” She blinked. What sort of request was that.

“Give me your hand.” His was outstretched.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to, but she was in dark court territory, and he was king. Tentatively, Noli gave him her hand. Both his hands wrapped around it, eyes flickering closed. His expression grew pensive. Her hand grew warm and when she tried to pull it away, he yanked it toward him. The heat lessened and finally his eyes opened.

“What was that?” She snatched her hand to her and rubbed it.

“It didn’t hurt.” His expression softened….but only slightly. “I don’t want to say that you’re unwelcome here. For you’ve done nothing to make yourself so. But by the Bright Lady, come in through the kitchen. Luce will get me for you. Also,” Ciarán’s voice went stern. “Double cross me at your own peril. It matters naught to me that you’re a woman, well, a girl really.”

“Why would I do that?” Her nose wrinkled. “I know what needs to be done and I can’t do it alone.”

He nodded, as if she’d said something right. “I don’t think we can either, after all, we lack all the tools.”

“Yes, you do.” But she wasn’t sure if he meant the pieces in her possession, the jewel, Elise, or all of them.

“Be careful. As long as you mean no harm, you’ll be allowed to pass unharmed, but there are others, of your own court, perhaps, that might not take kindly to you coming here.”

Right. She hadn’t considered that. “Elise and Aodhan wish to remain friends.”

“I’m glad.” Ciarán almost smiled. “Please, let him know I am coming soon.”

“I will.” She bowed. “I should return now.”

“Yes, you should.”


What do you think of Ciarán? Certainly, he has his own agenda, but even though he’s king of the dark court, how does he compare to Queen Tiana?

I hope you enjoy FRAGILE DESTINY! Let me know your thoughts!




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About Suzanne Lazear

Suzanne Lazear is the author of the YA steampunk fairytale series The Aether Chronicles. INNOCENT DARKNESS and CHARMED VENGEANCE are out now from Flux. FRAGILE DESTINY releases 8-8-14. For more information on the series visit or

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  1. I absolutely agree with your review! So many “wait did that just happen?!” moments! I love this series and each book gets better and better!

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