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Bookish Things & More consists of 5 gals who love to read.  We read anything from YA to Adult.  We are also big fans of movies, music, and other hobbies.  So, don’t be surprised if you see what songs are our current faves, or what movies we are raving about.  Thanks for stopping by our blog, and have a look around. 😀



Hey everyone!

I’m Katrina. I created Bookish Things & More in 2012. I’ve been reading my entire life, and this is my outlet to give The Hubs’s ears a rest. I have two pretty awesome kids, Boy Child and Wee One, who are as nerdy and awkward as I am. And a fur baby, Alice, who swears she is human.

I read pretty much everything. I love the worlds that I get to visit, and the characters I get to meet along the way. Some of my favorites are Tracy Wolff, Trisha Wolfe, Colleen Hoover, A.G. Howard, Leigh Bardugo, and this list could probably go on for miles.

I majored in Sociology, and do absolutely nothing with my degree. I love seeing how groups of people interact, and that was my main reason for studying it.

Not only do I read pretty much non-stop, I also do crafty things. I’ve been crocheting and sewing since I was 5! This is all thanks to my super fabulous great-grandmother. I love making things for the family and friends. When I’m getting crafty, I’m either listening to a book or binge watching Buffy. One day I’ll be a bad ass slayer just like her.

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It’s always hard to do an “about me.” I’m not really good at talking about myself so here it goes… I love to read. The only other thing I love as much as reading is fashion. Reading got me through some of the darkest days of my life, and even now it helps me after those stressful days at the office. On top of being an avid reader, I am a student, wife, a mother of two boys (ages 7 and 4), and a full time employee. My plate is definitely full, but I love every minute of my life. Maybe not always the countless hours at the office, but I am definitely blessed. I agreed to help Katrina with her blog, and boy I didn’t realize how much work it truly is! I am honored to be a part of it. I read a lot of contemporary novels, but Katrina has opened me up to the world of YA. I have to say I am hooked! I bow to all the wonderful authors of this genre. The worlds they put together is amazing. I am a fine arts junkie. I love art, movies, theater, and music. Anything that you can do to express yourself, to show your creativeness and uniqueness, I’m normally a fan of. I am an activist of being true to yourself and always marching to the beat of your own drum. I feel it is important to know who you are, and never apologize for being yourself. I love to laugh so I haunt comedy clubs frequently. I am also a homebody. This sister likes your downtime! You can usually find me snuggled in my bed with a good book, watching a movie or my seasons of Buffy. The show never gets old people!!!! That’s about all there is to know about me, so keep reading you bookish babes!



Hello, there. My name is Tiffani and I’m glad to be a part of something that doesn’t make reading out to be a chore. I’ve never followed book blogs, so I’m going to be learning throughout this adventure. I enjoy reading (duh!), tamales, anime, makeup, Instagram, my cat Dexter (no, not after the show. I did not give him that name and I don’t even actually like it. But, whatevs lol.).  I play my OG 2005 Nintendo DS in my free time amongst other activities such as eating Taco Bell, watching Soul Eater, and making up really cheesy, terrible “dad” jokes. My best friends are my cousin and a gay dude, if that tells you anything. But, I really love my life. The only thing that makes me cry is my Super Mario 64 game (and ONE episode of The Vampire Diaries), so be prepared for no mushy reviews the majority of the time. But mushy does not equal good, so don’t fret. It was nice to meet your acquaintance and I’m glad you’re sticking around. You can follow me on Twitter @tiffanibookish and on Instagram @thepumpkinempress4l.


I’m twenty years old, and I like to pretend I don’t already have a mini meltdown on my birthdays. I grew up in a tiny town near Houston, Texas and moved to the suburbs outside of Austin about six years ago. Probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, honestly. I’m in college for psychology, which is something I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve always wanted to know more about how our brains work and affect our emotions, as well as find ways to help people in need of emotional support. I can never stay focused on one thing too long, I get bored.  I’ve always leaned more towards the artistic side, and have a huge addiction to anything involving horror.

I love reading and getting lost in a different world, being engulfed in feelings that aren’t yours but at the same time are. It’s therapeutic and one of the most relaxing things a person can do. That’s why I’m really excited to have joined this blog. Reading has been lost on people my age and even people older. I want to do whatever I can to show my peers reading isn’t punishment like it’s made out to be in high school these days. If you find a book that suites you -and you will, there are a million to choose from- it is worth the time put in to get lost and learn a lesson you forgot, or never had a chance to learn in the first place.


My name is Laura. I love to read and big harry potter fan but will read just about anything YA but will read anything minus pure romance. I am currently going to school to be a theater teacher. I also love to scrapbook and love to watch t.v including teen wolf, Fosters and PLL. I normally am found outside reading a book or bike riding listening to audio book or a podcast.



Hey! I’m Mistee and I LOVE to read!!! I fell in love with reading when I was a lonely 13 year old in a new town, and my older sister was too cool to let me hang with her! I am married to the love of my life, going on 13 years in August and we have four beautiful little girls! I make reading a requirement each week!!! I am so excited to be a part of the Bookish team!!!

We host author/book spotlights, interviews, or any other promotion you would like us to post.  If you would like us to promote your book just email one of the following addresses below.  If it is a review request, please see our Review Policy first and fill out the form.  Thank you!

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Katrina @ Bookish Things

About Katrina @ Bookish Things

I'm a mom of two and love to read, listen to music, and rock out at concerts. Sometimes you can find me reading, or writing, in between sets at concerts. I read many genres, and have a TBR mountain.

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