Review: Magic Hunter by C.N. Crawford

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Review: Magic Hunter by C.N. CrawfordMagic Hunter by C.N. Crawford
Series: The Vampire's Mage
Published by Gothic Imprints on May 20th 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 299
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Rosalind lives for the hunt. Now she might die for it...

Her mission is simple: hunt demons and mages. As a member of the Brotherhood, Rosalind's dedicated herself to protecting the world from dark magic. Someone's got to stop the supernatural bloodlust--plus, hunting's a hell of a lot more exciting than her computer science classes.

Everything's going to plan until she meets Caine, a mage in league with the demons. He's scary as hell and just as sexy. Worse, he's brought her a warning: rumors are spreading that Rosalind is a mage, too.

Now, the Hunters have chosen their next target--and it's her.

While she works to prove her innocence, Rosalind must form an uneasy alliance with Caine. But the Brotherhood are closing in. If she can't figure out who to trust, and fast, she'll be exiled to the realm of the very demons she once hunted.


I love fantasy. The thought of living in a supernatural world is one of the most appealing daydreams I have. For some reason, I believed for the longest time that Young Adult Fantasy does not exist. Maybe it was the constant teen or adult fantasy novels I was running into that made me believe this, but it was a very welcome surprise when I came across this work.

Magic Hunter is the tale of Rosalind, a young woman who is training to become a hunter of the supernatural. Her world is turned upside down when her own team, The Brotherhood, start to believe that Rosalind herself is among the evil they are meant to be fighting. Rosalind can either flee or try to explain her side, but not without the threat of death.

Crawfords characters are raw and believable in their emotions as well as their actions, a formula many fantasy writers often have trouble balancing. The book flows fairly well without any major bumps slowing it down. There are a few times when the story begins to become a bit repetitive, but it quickly works itself out. My favorite part about this book, is that not only do you fall in love with the main character, the reader is also drawn to all supporting characters. Every character the reader meets seems to have backgrounds that could spark their own novels.

I’ve always been someone who despises the Kindle format. I hate the thought of not having a book collection that isn’t really in my hands. I managed to avoid all Kindle related reading up until now. Recently, I had to download the app to read a copy of Katrina’s book. While waiting I browsed around my free book options, and was transported into a whole new world.

I don’t know why I picked this book as my first choice, I didn’t even read the description. I guess the name was enough to draw me in, and I’m glad it did.

Right now, if you have Amazon Prime, you can read Magic Hunter for free. So, I mean, is there really a reason to not?

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