Discussion: Why I read with my kids

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Why I read with my kids

It’s no secret that books, and literacy, are a big deal at my house. I’m the aunt that gives books as gifts, people expect it of me now. I love reading with my kids. Boy Child doesn’t read with me too much anymore. You know, because he’s at the age where it’s not cool to hang out with Mom. 😛 But Wee One and I read almost every night.

I read with them so that they know the importance of words. They can expand their horizons, and imagination. And maybe, that character they just read about… they can relate to them. That they learn empathy. They also ask questions when we’re reading. If they are confused, I’m happy to teach them about whatever they need cleared up. Or I’ll research it so that I can answer them. Wee one wants to be like Raven Queen. She looks up to these characters for their traits, and to help guide some of her decisions, and I enjoy being a part of that.

I love that time with the kids.  Not only is it quality bonding time, but it’s something we enjoy together. They may make fun of the voices, but I know they love it when they smile at my craziness.  This is why I read with my kids.

Do you read with your kiddos? What are some of their favorites? Let me know in the comments.

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