We’re celebrating with Sophie Jordan

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Hi everyone! I am super excited to have Sophie Jordan on the blog today.  She’s one of the first authors I met when I started blogging, and I love seeing her at many of the events I attend.

Sophie has a new book coming out tomorrow. You can find information about it below, and check out her guest post on Loving the Bad Boy Heroes.

Fury on Fire

When you live next door to the big bad wolf . . .

After years in prison, North Callaghan is finally free. But the demons haunting him still make him feel like a caged beast. He loses himself in work and hard living, coming up for air only to bed any willing woman to cross his path. So when his new neighbor snares his interest, he decides to add another notch to his bedpost. The only problem? Faith Walters is a white picket fence kind of girl.

Prepare to be devoured.

Faith’s new neighbor is the rudest man alive. He’d rather grunt at her than speak and he takes her “welcome-to-the-neighborhood” scones without a thank you. She knows she should run for the hills from the ex-con. If only he weren’t so smoldering sexy…if only the sounds of him with other women didn’t drift through their shared wall and fill her with longing…and if only he didn’t look at her like they were a collision waiting to happen.

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Loving the Bad Boy Heroes…Thorns And All.

So I’m going to talk about bad boy heroes … which means I’m basically going to gush and celebrate them. Because a bad boy hero is my FAVORITEY kind of hero. No surprise considering that I wrote my Devil’s Rock series, which features hardened felons/inmates as heroes. There’s something compelling about a “caged” hero. He brings to mind a medieval knight tossed in the bowels of a dungeon, waiting for the day when he’s free again, waiting for the day when he’s finally free to be with her. It’s this theme that flows through ALL CHAINED UP, HELL BREAKS LOOSE and my newest release FURY ON FIRE.

Romance novels are about two people falling in love. Yes, I think we can all agree on that. And yet at the heart of any novel (romance or otherwise) is conflict. If the hero and heroine aren’t at odds then the conflict falls short. So I’m all about pouring on the conflict. Sure, it can be done in many ways, but nothing floats my boat more than crafting a hero that is edgy/haunted/dark … and even a shade morally ambiguous. In short, he is seemingly irredeemable — in his eyes and the eyes of the world. The heroine, of course, is the opposite. She leads a respectable life and has everything to lose (and often does) by engaging with the hero. So this leads back to why. Why do I write the bad boy hero when he’s so damn hard … (er…pun unintended. Maybe.)?
Of course … writing the bad boy hero is tricky. Because when you write him to be irredeemable it’s a challenge to make him redeemable by the end of the book. This is the part that requires some thought. You never want him to be abusive. You never want your heroine to be a doormat. It’s definitely balancing a tight rope. You have to trickle in the moments, plant the little sparkling gems that show your hero’s humanity amid all his deep dark ways. Your hero has to arrive at these moments in an authentic way that feels organic. These are the moments that reveal there is in love in him. Love for the heroine. Love for others. And love redeems us all.
Thanks for hosting me here today and listening to me wax on about my love for bad boy heroes … thorns and all. 😊
Happy reading!!


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  1. Antonela

    It’s my first time here 😀 Congratulations on 5 years!
    The only book from Sophie that I’ve read is Firelight, and I loved it!!

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