Review: The Awesome by Eva Darrows

Posted December 3, 2016 by Ashley Darnell in Book Review / 1 Comment

Review: The Awesome by Eva DarrowsThe Awesome by Eva Darrows
Published by Ravenstone on 5/26/2015
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 246
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Seventeen-year-old Maggie Cunningham is tough, smart, and sassy. She's also not like other girls her age, but then, who would be when the family business is monster hunting? Combat boots, ratty hooded sweatshirts, and hair worn short so nothing with claws can get a grip, Maggie's concerns in life slant more toward survival than fashion or boys.
Which presents a problem when Maggie's mother informs her that she can't get her journeyman's license for hunting until she loses her virginity. Something about virgin blood turning vampires into pointy rage monsters. Insides being on the outside and all that.
Maggie's battled zombies and goblins and her fair share of house brownies, but finding herself a boy proves a much more daunting task than any monster hunt. Did you know normal girls don't stuff their bras with holy water balloons? Nor do they carry wooden stakes in their waistbands. And they care about things like "matching" and "footwear." Of course, they also can't clean a gun blindfolded, shoot a crossbow, or exorcise ghosts from a house. Which means they're lame and Maggie's not. Because Maggie's awesome. The Awesome, in fact.
Just ask her. She'd be more than happy to tell you.
After she finds herself a date.


I really loved the idea of this book. I really wanted to like it, and there were some parts I really enjoyed. But I’m going to admit, I judged this book by it’s cover. The black pages caught my eye and I totally had to have it.

The book was fun to read, very crude with in your face humor. But it seemed unbelievable and a little forced at times. It unraveled like a preteen show mixed with an episode of family guy. The relationships moved way too fast, the conflict seemed forced and ended too suddenly for it to make sense. I don’t see myself rereading this book.

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  1. I read this on Kindle. Compared to Flying I loved this book so hard. Flying caught my eye but was not as well thought out, compared to the Awesome. I can see how someone might think the language was a little ‘cray’… Thanks for the post! You are the only other person who has covered this book.
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