Rural vs. City… How it effects my book habit

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If y’all follow me on social media then you know I live out in the boonies.  I’ve complained about snakes, scorpions, and the fact that when the weather is bad we have to find alternative routes to get places.  Well, living out in the sticks also means it’s hard to get to a book store quickly.

We used to have a Hastings about 20 minutes away, but since their bankruptcy they’ve closed all the stores.  That caused a minor freak out for me.  I mean where am I supposed to get books now? How far will I have to drive? And damn it, we need more options in my area.

Since the closing of Hastings, I’m going to have to drive an hour to even get to the closest book store.  I mean I usually  don’t mind driving however far I need to in order to get my book store fix, but I tend to only go that far if I’m going to be in the area. It makes more sense gas money wise. Although, sometimes I feel like I need more books than I need more gas.

I do have a Half-Price books about ten minutes from the office, but I tend to end up taking ridiculously long lunches when I go there because I lose track of time. So, I don’t go in there too often.

I also use Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s site to get some of my books. I’m a Prime member and have the B&N membership so I only have to wait a couple of days for books to get here, but I like instant gratification and sometimes the wait is torture.

For those of you that are fellow rural residents, how do you do your book shopping?

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