Review: Hope(less) by Melissa Haag

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Review: Hope(less) by Melissa HaagHope(less) (Judgement of the Six #1) by Melissa Haag
Published by Melissa Haag on March 3rd 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, YA, Young Adult
Pages: 285
Format: eBook
Source: Own
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Our world is being judged and we remain unaware.
In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny glowing sparks filling her mind that represent the people around her, confirm it as does the bizarre inexplicable draw she has on men.
Struggling to find an explanation for her sight while dodging unwanted male attention, Gabby meets Sam. The chance encounter leads to a startling revelation - werewolves are real.
Hoping the existence of something so extraordinary might lead to the answers she is seeking, Gabby enters into a hidden society where fur is optional. There she meets Clay, the werewolf delusional enough to think he has a chance with her. Gabby's plans for her future do not include a mate, but rather college, career, and then a huge 'we'll see'.
Gabby leaves the furry hidden society behind when she moves off to college, but trouble has a way of following and finding her. When other werewolves start stalking her, and anomalies in the sparks she sees begin to appear, she must count on Clay's help or risk loosing the chance to find the answers she searches for.


This was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a while. It was a new spin on werewolves and on romance. It had such a slow build that was SO worth the patience and the wait. I adored Gabby, the main character, and Clay. The way this book unfolds is really quite unique and is very pleasurable for the reader.

The beginning of this book almost hindered me from reading it, but I stuck it through. I initially got very angry, as a feminist, at the beginning of this book with all the alpha-male craziness. But, once I kept reading, I began to really fall in love with the whole she-bang. There are so many subtle lessons to be learned in this book.

Gabby and Clay are absolutely perfect. I also admired how Gabby was such a stickler for being independent and going to college, but then her character grew throughout the novel in an absolutely beautiful way!

When I got to the end of this book, I was fairly satisfied and was ecstatic to continue reading about their story, because it seemed to have really started picking up within the last few chapters, only to find out the other books in the series are about other characters! 🙁 I was so, so, SO sad! The author says that we’ll still see Gabby and Clay come up again, but I can’t help but feel sad to not continue on with their journey. That’s my only hindrance concerning this book. I’ll still check out the other books and let you know how they turn out (I’m sure they’re still amazing, but).

The most interesting thing about this book was definitely the plot. Give this a go if you’re a die-hard Twilight and werewolf book fan but want something fresh and new. Happy reading!

p.s. I got this book for free off of Amazon a few months ago, when signing up for an author newsletter. Just FYI.



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