Musical Pairings: Crash and Burn

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Musical Pairings: Crash and BurnCrash and Burn (Love You Like A Love Song Book 1) by Michele Callahan
Published by Tydbyts Media on January 14th 2016
Genres: Dating & Sex, Love & Romance, New Adult, Upper YA
Pages: 330
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley
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Also by this author: Alone With You (Love You Like A Love Song, #2)

Every love story should have its own song...
A childhood promise has Chance Walker picking up a guitar once again. Sure, he's been busy growing up, finishing college, and even law school. He made a promise to his dying mother and he’s determined to keep it. While his guitar playing dreams were big when he was a kid, his skill is rusty and he hires Erin Michaelson to bring music back into his life. Not only is she incredibly talented, she's one of the sexiest women he’s ever met. It's hard to focus on correct finger position when her sweet scent threatens to drive him out of his mind.
Less than twenty-four hours after his first lesson he sees her again, but this time she’s on stage using another name and seducing an entire audience of men. He played the gentleman card once, and it got him nowhere. This time, all bets are off and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. A single, sizzling backstage kiss will change both of their lives forever, because Chance soon realizes that Erin is not just an itch, she’s an obsession that he refuses to live without.
Erin Michaelson spends her days teaching guitar and her nights on stage as her sexy alter-ego, Eva James. Music is her dream, her passion. All she wants is to say goodbye to a lifetime of scraping by, working two jobs, and paying for past mistakes. When a major record label exec hears her band play, she gets her big break. But life can be a real bitch, and meeting Chance now is just bad timing.
Problem #1: The record label wants her to dump her band and move to L.A. Problem #2: She hadn’t counted on Chance Walker and the scorching heat of that first kiss. And last but not least is Problem #3: Is Chance really falling in love with the dull guitar teacher, or is he really just lusting after the sexy Eva James?
Will success make all of Erin's dreams come true? Or will falling in love make them both crash and burn?
Crash and Burn is a scorching hot, contemporary, new adult romance of 58,000 words. The story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for an adult audience. Coming soon, fall in love with the other Walker brothers in Alone With You (Feb 2016), Up All Night (Mar 2016) and Make Me Forget (April 2016). For more details visit Michele's website at
Don't Miss Out! Crash and Burn, an original love song by Lauren Kayley, is coming to iTunes and Amazon Music January 2016! Or visit to hear Chance and Erin's love song.

musical pairings

Have you ever read a book and thought “Damn this song would go so great with this story?” Well, we are going to do that for you.  When we find a book that completely grips our musical tastes we are going to share those songs with you.  Hope you enjoy, and find some great songs to add to your playlist.

First things first with this book, it is musically centered. Meaning-the characters play music themselves and there is a band in this book. However, I loved this book so much that I decided to still give this a playlist. It’s amazing.

This book was very unlike most books I’ve read to date; there’s no paranormal aspect but it totally keeps you up reading it. This was a finish-in-one-sitting book, for sure. There’s a spectacular romance here that is to die for.

Usually in an adult romance book like this, you’d see the business man go for a business woman; that’s not the case here, and it works wonderfully! There are definitely some sweet scenes in this book but also some pretty racy ones. Chance and Erin are willing to do so much for each other that you can’t help but envy their relationship. It’s realistic yet such a desirable situation.

My favorite part of this book is the fact that Erin is such an empowered woman, yet she doesn’t realize it. She has to figure it out down the road, and Chance helps her get there. They compliment each other like milk and cookies. Unless you don’t like cookies. In that case, like peanut butter and jelly? Whatever floats your boat; you get the gist.

Both Erin and Chance have haunting pasts that simply add to how likable they are. This book proves how delicate life is and how it’s possible to make your own story.

I would definitely give this book a read if you’ve got the time! Happy reading! Let us know what you think below. 🙂


Prologue/Ch. 1: Band Of Horses-The Funeral

Ch. 2-3: Death Cab For Cutie-I Will Possess Your Heart

Ch. 4-5: Panic! At The Disco-Death Of A Bachelor

Ch. 6: Blackmill-Let It Be

Ch. 7-8: Silversun Pickups-Nightlight

Ch. 9-10: Vinyl Theatre-Breaking Up My Bones

Ch. 11-12: This Wild Life-Concrete

Ch. 13-14: Blink 182-I Miss You

Ch. 15-16: Metro Station-Control

Ch. 17: A Day To Remember-If It Means A Lot To You

Ch. 18/Epilogue: This should probably be Chance & Erin’s song, which should be available on Amazon Music and iTunes soon! The song is called Crash and Burn by Lauren Kayley


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4 responses to “Musical Pairings: Crash and Burn

  1. Hi Tiffani! Thanks so much for reading, and for writing such an amazing review. I am honored to be here on your blog today and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the song we wrote for Erin and Chance!
    <3 Michele

  2. Michele Callahan

    Wow. Just wow. I just listened to all the songs in order – and was tearing up twice (During Conrete and If It Means A Lot To You.). That is awesome Tiffani. SO amazing. I don’t have words. Thank you so much.

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