#SSaD Readalong Discussion Post 1

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Super stoked to be joining this challenge.  For more information just click on the image above.

Discussion Questions

How do you think you would react to the Dead walking around in your city?

I would probably freak out, and then put my plan in action.  Yes, we are one of those families that talks about apocalypse plans. We actually have a half-baked plan. It’s pretty ridiculous, but we have fun discussing it.

What do you think about the Dead? Are you glad it isn’t too Zombie-ish, or were you hoping for a more Zombie-esque theme?

The Dead in this book are pretty grotesque.  I’m happy they have their creepiness.  But I would have loved for them to be more Zombie-ish. I love my zombies.

How do you feel about Eleanor as a character?

I love Eleanor.  She doesn’t really care what people think, and does her own thing.  I also love her curiousity, and wanting to figure everything out.

What was your first impression of Daniel Sheridan? Joseph Boyer?

I thought Daniel was awkward, and kind of a jerk at first. And Joseph is much more kind.  He has a way of being direct but gentle.

What was your favorite part of the first half of the book and why?

My favorite part was the first sight Eleanor has with the Dead.  She showed a lot of courage, and I can’t say I wouldn’t have completely spazzed out.  She handled it well.

If you haven’t read this before (or already finished it), what are you theories for the second half of the book OR even the rest of the series?

I think some of the people Eleanor is entwined with have something to do with the constant threat of the Dead.

7. Bonus: Share with us some of your favorite quotes!

“Eleanor, you have a choice,” she said softly. “You always have a choice.”

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