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So, I picked Trisha Wolfe as my rockstar author.  And she really is.  She engages with her readers, and is always ecstatic when we reach out to her.  She is able to build so many worlds that keep you interested.  She also has this amazing ability to write kick ass heroines that everyone can look up to.  She takes is to an ancient Egyptian world in Astarte’s Wrath, that leaves us wanting so much more.  We also get to travel a steampunk world in Destiny’s Fire.  You want to see a world that focus’s on women ruling, and holding the breadwinner position, check out Of Silver and Beasts.  Or she can rip your heart out with her New Adult Contemporary The Darkest Part.  (I’ll be giving away a copy of this one below.)  In my opinion it takes an amazing woman, with incredible talent, to be able to weave our minds through these multiple worlds.  She can write characters that are deep, and others that are vain.  Each one becomes a placeholder in your heart.  When a writer can give you a character, or many, that you can remember and talk about days, and weeks later, they are doing something right.  I hope you all check out how awesome Trisha is, and that she’ll rock your socks off, just as she has mine.




World Building from author Trisha Wolfe


Thanks so much for hosting me, ladies! Katrina knows how much I love this blog *hugs blog with little, cute skulls*

Wow. Okay. A topic about world building. I always feel so lost when trying to explain how I come up with ideas, characters, and/or worlds. Like, I just don’t do anyone justice when trying to explain these things lol. But the truth is, they really do just pop into my head. I say, Okay, I’m going to write a new book. And I get an image in my head. Could be of a character in a heated argument, fighting, kissing, feeling a certain emotion, etc. And I build from there.

But it always starts with one scene. Something I feel is powerful, and I don’t quite understand why the character feels or thinks something, but I put them on the paper and then tell them to figure it out, then I follow them along on their journey. I get to know them first, asking myself questions about why this or how that, and then I start putting together a world that makes sense for them.

Like in Of Silver and Beasts. I had an image pop into my head of a girl in uniform with mercury coursing through her veins. The scene was of her in a cage setting, and she was fighting to the death. From there, I delved into research about the effects of mercury exposure. I had to figure out a way that this could be true, or find a way to make it true for the heroine in “her” world. The concept of goddesses came along the more I learned about mercury, it being the purest mineral, and in ancient times, people actually used to consider it the mineral of the gods. I worked this into the story, allowing Kal to have mercury in her blood at high levels with the assistance of a robotic clamp keeping the high strain away from her heart. In reality, she’d suffer from mercury exposure. But in the setting of an alternate reality, with the help of the goddesses, Kal was protected from harmful side effects.

That’s the great thing about fantasy worlds. What wouldn’t and shouldn’t be likely in our world, we can tweak and create and expand on in others. I think that’s what I love most about writing them. The challenge of finding new and different ways to spin reality into something fantastic.

All right! Didn’t mean for this to turn into a lesson. But this is just a bit of how I go about my world building. I do a ton of research the whole way. Challenges present themselves, and I either find or create a way to get through them. Much like the characters struggle through their goals. We really do write the books together.

Thank you again for hosting me! And rock on! Super stoked to be a part of this tour.

About the Author:


I’m the author of the YA Steampunk DESTINY’S FIRE (Omnific Publishing), ASTARTE’S WRATH NA Historical/Supernatural, and the upcoming YA Utopian FIREBLOOD from Spencer Hill Press, October 2013. NA Dark Fantasy OF SILVER AND BEASTS, and my NA Contemporary THE DARKEST PART out now!


I’m the creator of YA Bound, a promotional site for the Young Adult genre. Also a member of SCWW and The Apocalypsies.


A proud business owner, I’m partnered with my partner, my husband. When I’m not busy doing all of the above, I’m a wife and the mother of a gorgeous teen boy who’s the sounding board for my male characters.


Check out for more on my books and bonus material. Follow me on Twitter @TrishWolfe


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