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The Sweet Dead Life

Series: The Sweet Dead Life #1
Author: Joy Preble
Publish Date: May 14, 2013
Publisher: Soho Press
Number of pages: 244
Source: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.
Book Description:
“I found out two things today: One, I think I’m dying. And two, my brother is a perv.”

So begins the diary of Jenna Samuels, who is having a very bad year. Her mother spends all day in bed. Dad  vanished when she was eight. Her older brother, Casey, tries to hold together what’s left of the family by working two after-school jobs—difficult, as he’s stoned all the time. To make matters worse, Jenna is sick. Really sick. When she collapses one day, Casey tries to race her to the hospital in their beat-up Prius and crashes instead.

Jenna wakes up in the ER to find Casey beside her, looking pretty good. Better than ever, in fact. Downright . . . angelic. The flab and zits? Gone. Before long, Jenna figures out that her brother didn’t survive the accident at all, and she isn’t just sick; she’s being poisoned. Casey has been sent back to help Jenna find out who’s got it out for her, a mystery that leads to more questions about their mother’s depression and their father’s disappearance.

Sweet Dead Life is such a refreshing angel story.  The angels aren’t broody, or anything like angels in other books.  In fact this angel is the sort, you might not want your kiddos hanging out with.

Jenna is an awesome character.  She’s spunky, and doesn’t hold back her thoughts. I love that’s she’s out there.  I also adore the fact that this book isn’t centered around her pining over some boy.  Her and her brother, Casey, are trying to figure what is wrong with her and her mom.  They have supported their family any way they can.  Casey is a mess.  He tries to keep food in the house for Jenna, and his biggest downfall is that he is stoned much of the time.  He has the best of intentions though.

I really enjoyed the fact that Preble included drugs in her story.  It’s something that kids face everyday, and I hope that they can choose what’s right and wrong.  The story is fast paced, and there’s always something that keeps Jenna and Casey occupied.  You realize how important these siblings are to each other.  I love how they react to each other.  It reminds me a lot of my relationship with my brother.  We annoy each other, but we love each other.  It’s the same for these two.
If you’re looking for a fun, quick read, then this book is for you.  It’s sweet, loving, and mysterious.  I’m ready for the sequel next year!
Favorite Quotes:
“Maybe the universe needed a kick in the ass from my boots.” ~ Page 52
“Nothing pisses me off more than not being able to work up with proper emotion.” ~ Page 57
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Author Bio:
Joy Preble is the author of the popular and highly acclaimed Dreaming Anastasia series. A former English teacher, Joy grew up in Chicago and is a graduate of Northwestern University. She is now a full time writer and lives with her family in Texas, where she has learned to say “y’all” without any hint of irony. A tireless advocate for literacy and great books, she is at the center of the all-important Texas YA scene.

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