Sweet Evil Read-A-Long Week 4: Chapter 26-31

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This week’s theme is Halloween.

I love Halloween.  It’s the perfect time for dressing up, and make-believe.  Especially when you are a grown up.  😉 I loved going trick-or-treating when I was a kid, and kept going even when I was in high school.  A little old, maybe… but I loved the spirit of the holiday.  Now we do what we can to make sure the kids have an awesome Halloween experience.  We can’t just go to a neighborhood because we live in the boonies, but we still manage to take them to quite a few houses.  They’ve been thinking about what they want to be for a couple of months.  The boy was set on the headless horseman, but changed his mind this past weekend to go as Jack Skellington.  That works out great for me because it’s a hell of a lot easier to create than the other.  The girl… Well, she’s still deciding.  At first it was a princess, then it was tinkerbell-princess-fairy godmother.  Then it was a tree, pumpkin, princess again, and now I have no clue.  She plays dress up a lot, so it’s not like she doesn’t have a ton of options.  I just know she needs to make up her mind since we have a party this weekend, and Halloween is next week!  Do any of your kids, if you have them, wait until last minute to decide their costume? Did you?

Now on to my mini-review!

Okay so I love John so much more in these last chapters.  He tries so hard to keep his daughter safe without letting the others know what he’s doing.  And the dancing on the bar scene made me laugh hysterically.  But that’s only because I’m known to get up there and dance at the club.  Not my finest moments, but fun. 😛 Also, Kaidan shows more than ever how he feels in his actions towards the end.  Although he needs to take some classes in learning how to compliment girls.  The small group of Neph friends is amazing.  They all have each other’s backs, no questions asked.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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