BR: A Marked Past by Leslie Deaton

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Lyla Mercer’s life changed the moment her dad was murdered, and again when she heard that she could be next. Forced to move to Salem for safe keeping, Lyla soon discovers her family has a dark history in the small town, and when a glossy black moon appears on the back of her neck she becomes newest part of that legacy. Her family is marked and being hunted, but Lyla may be the weapon they need to survive. Lyla attempts to ignore the danger, pretending to be normal, but whispers and rumors follow her everywhere. She thinks nothing can ever be normal for her again until she meets Caleb, the minister’s son, and the absolute wrong boy to be dating a witch. He’s everything she wants to be, just a normal kid from a normal family. At least that’s what she thinks, but nothing is as it seems in Salem. Caleb has secrets to keep about his family that rival her own. Until recently, her father’s murderer has managed to keep his true identity a secret, but when Lyla uncovers the truth about him, nobody is safe, especially her.


Lyla and her mother move to Salem after the sudden death of her father.  When they arrive, Lyla finds out that their family has many rumors about being witches.  Upon finding out the truth from her uncle, Nathan, Lyla must focus on how to face the person responsible for her father’s death.

I liked the plot.  It was a different take on witch stories.  I also loved that it stemmed from the Salem Witch Trials.  I didn’t really care for the main character, Lyla.  I couldn’t connect with her at all, and wanted to knock some sense into her most of the time.  I loved Hana though.  She was likable and thought things through before acting.

My only big issue was that I felt there were too many scenes that didn’t need to be included.  Otherwise, it was a great story line.


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